We have run community engagement activities on 15 different schemes across the country for Clarion Housing Group over the last two years.

This includes:

  • Setting up an online platform for community engagement.
    Here we provide information about Clarion, plans of the different schemes, and a platform for people to share their views. We use several tools to increase engagement, such as surveys, dropping a pin on a map, and bespoke question and answer functions.

  • Online webinars.
    As well as face-to-face engagement, we also use the online platform to host online webinars. This is another opportunity to share project plans and for people to provide their feedback.

  • Stakeholder and asset mapping.
    Here we map key local stakeholders and assets which are relevant to the scheme. This helps identify key groups to engage and highlight potential sensitivities around the plans.

  • Raising awareness of the schemes and engagement platform.
    We’ve used different strategies to promote the projects including targeted social media advertising campaigns, leaflet design and drop, adverts in local papers and promoting through those identified in the stakeholder and asset mapping.
  • Identifying occupiers for commercial space.
    In one instance we identified a suitable cultural operator to be an anchor tenant on site. We did this by assessing local supply and demand for different cultural facilities. We then engaged locally based cultural providers to understand if any were looking for a new building and what their space and servicing needs were.

  • Social infrastructure advice.
    We’ve assessed supply and demand for key local infrastructure on some schemes. This helps understand whether the scheme would adversely impact local supply and if the scheme could accommodate these uses to address unmet demand.

  • Local baseline and socio-economic impact assessment.
    On several schemes we have also undertaken baseline analysis to identify key demographics and local issues. It helps to understand local needs and priorities. We then define, quantify, and monetise the social value the proposed development can create. We also identify how Clarion can achieve further social value beyond this.

“Kev and the team were excellent to work with on our project, and delivered a very effective and engaging consultation strategy at short notice and in a tight timeframe. The facilitation of webinars and management of the online engagement platform was superb, and the team helped us navigate through a potentially difficult public consultation providing advice throughout. I look forward to working with the Forever Consulting team again soon.”

Matt Prudence, Project Manager, Clarion Housing