Forever Consulting provide social and economic research and consultancy services with enthusiasm, integrity and creativity.

We are a social enterprise that deliver great projects, make clients happy and reinvest all our surpluses into grassroots community activity.

  • We provide bespoke evidence-based research for organisations who want insight into a specific issue, their neighbourhoods, communities and service users.
  • By identifying and testing feasible delivery options, we help organisations develop the business case for their project and service ideas. Our impact assessments help clients communicate the impact and value of their work.
  • Our independent evaluations help clients understand how well they perform, lessons that inform future projects, and their impact. Clients also ask us to put systems in place so they can measure what they do.
  • We believe in the mantra ‘nothing about us, without us’ and that communities should be at the heart of making decisions that affect their lives and areas. Our unique and innovative approach ensures our engagement is always authentic.

What defines us

  • We go beyond the data. We explore what’s really going on. Our clients enjoy independent and honest advice, helping them make sound decisions.
  • We enjoy analysing complex data and evidence from a variety of sources. We communicate information with clarity and in a compelling way.
  • We love engaging a diverse range of stakeholders and communities, and we use a blend of approaches to ensure their voices and experiences are heard in a meaningful way.
  • We employ people who are highly skilled, who genuinely care and who want to make a difference.
  • We have a unique relationship with Forever Manchester, Greater Manchester’s Community Foundation, and the wider UK Community Foundation Network. Our deep community insight underpins all our projects.