As Director of Brand and Strategy, I am responsible for planning and implementing the Marketing Strategy for Forever Manchester and Forever Consulting to raise brand awareness and increase revenue so that we can continue to support community activity across Greater Manchester.

With a degree in Marketing and over 20 years’ experience of working in a marketing environment, my role at Forever Manchester involves defining and develop a distinctive and engaging brand identity which encourages existing and potential supporters to interact with, investigate and build affinity with.

I am also responsible for developing and managing techniques to diversify the brand and extend its reach, budget control and management of external creative agencies.

Although I have been employed by Forever Manchester since 2013, I have worked with the charity since their rebrand in 2011 in my roles as Business Director at a Brand Design Agency and Marketing Consultant in my own business.  

Between 2009 and 2013, I also worked with a number of third sector infrastructure organisations and charities to assist with their brand identity, positioning and marketing.

Between 2002-2009, as Product Manager at Sorex Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Pest Control products, I was responsible for establishing and implementing global marketing strategy achieved through effective project management working with the internal marketing team and external marketing agencies.

I have a real passion for where I live and the many communities I am part of. For six years I volunteered for my local non-league community football club and was co-opted onto the board for a short period as they adjusted to life in a new £6.3m multi-purpose community stadium in North Manchester.

Why I chose this career… Having studied Marketing at University, I realised the positive impact that sound marketing can have on an organisation. On leaving University in 1999, I entered the job market when the whole marketing and communications landscape was beginning to change due to the rise of the internet and development of mobile phone technology. Although the key principles of marketing remain, knowing how best to apply them to the fast changing marketing and technological advances, keeps me eager to keep learning.  

Places I love… Being born a couple of years after it was created, and having lived in Bolton, Manchester, Salford, Stockport and Tameside… Greater Manchester is ‘the’ place I love. Brought up on diet of football and music and an eagerness to learn about its local history, some might say that ‘This is The Place’.

The project I have been most proud of…  I didn’t realise it at the time, but commissioning Poet Tony Walsh to write the now-famous ‘This is The Place’ poem for Forever Manchester, has got to be up there. In 2012, I asked him to create a poem that encapsulates the spirit of Greater Manchester, sum up what makes this place, its people and communities so great, and help explain what Forever Manchester does and its approach to working with local communities.  

Five years later after the terror attack on Manchester Arena, Tony Walsh performed the ‘This is The Place’ poem at the vigil at Manchester Town Hall, in front of thousands of people gathered in Albert Square and millions of people across the world on TV.