I specialise in socio-economic research, economic appraisals, impact assessments, Social Return on Investment (SRoI) analysis and evaluations.

I work across a diverse range of sectors and programme types including regeneration, housing, employment, health, education, infrastructure, community development and business support.

I have six years’ experience of providing social and economic consultancy advice and services to public, private and third sector clients.

I joined Forever Consulting in March 2018 aiming to make a real difference through the work that I do. I now get to do this in two ways; first by supporting clients to make the case for development and understand the value of their work, and second by helping to fund local community groups to do what they love.

Why I chose this career… Growing up in a Manchester suburb, half way between the big city and the Peak District, I appreciated the value of place and the impact that different environments can have on people’s lives. This led me to study Planning at university. Studying during an age of austerity, economic decline and cut backs made me see the difference that communities can bring to a place, even during hard times. I decided to build a career out of understanding the economic, social, health and wellbeing impacts of places and the social value that can be generated by and for the people within them.

Places I love… I know I’m biased, but I definitely love Manchester! As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the city, with its quirky bars and Makers Markets, I also love the peace and quiet and natural beauty of the countryside. I especially love that everyone in the countryside says ‘Hi’ as you walk by.

The project I am most proud of… The projects that make me most proud are the ones where I get to see the impact of my work and the difference that it makes. One that stands out is the evaluation of a community-led programme designed to engage and support people from the most deprived areas of the Black Country. By visiting projects out in the community and seeing delivery first hand, it brought home how valuable and lifechanging this support is for many people. The lessons that I identified in the evaluation will help to unlock and tailor future funding pots that will support life changing projects going forward.

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